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Professional, expert green rug cleaning, repair & restoration services across Nassau, NY. Affordable prices, free pick up and return, 100% guarantee.

Top Rug Repair Services Across Manhasset and Nassau

Based in Manhasset, but serving residential and commercial clients across all of Nassau County, NY, NYC Green Rug Cleaning offers a large number of services to do with the repair, cleaning and restoration of rugs. Whether your rug is small or large, handwoven or machine made, a family heirloom or a costly investment, we understand that you want to be able to trust the people you leave it with for cleaning or repair, not to mention an assurance that it will be returned in fine condition.

Look no further. We go to great lengths to make sure every one of customers is satisfied with our work, with a combination of dedicated staff and tailor-made solutions. Rest assured both our customer service team and technicians are well-trained and professional, and are always at hand when needed. Furthermore, we only use green cleaning products at our facility, because we believe the health of your and your family needs to come before everything else.

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Skilled Rug Repair and Restoration

It does not matter whether your rug is a large and costly Persian piece or something small and of sentimental value, at some point it is going to need some care. The fact is that daily wear and tear (especially if it is placed in a high traffic area), pets, kids and the inevitable spills mean it’s going to encounter a few problems...ranging from a small hole or tear, a tangled fringe or even color fading from repeated exposure to the sun. And with rug repair, time really is of the essence - the longer you put them off, the greater the damage will inevitably end up being.

Don’t worry! We have 20 years experience in the rug repair and restoration industry and really are in the know when it comes to materials and weaves. We only employ staff who are dedicated to their work and have the patience and skill to make sure the repair or restoration is carried out to the best possible standards. We offer techniques that include hole fixing, binding, rug-resizing, color restoration, and fringe re-enforcement - believe us, you will be astonished at our stitching techniques and how good your rug looks, once it is returned to you.

To find out more about the extensive rug and carpet services we offer, give us a call now - you can speak to one of our friendly representatives and receive a free, no-obligation quote…

NYC Green Rug Cleaning - For All Your Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Needs Across Manhasset and Nassau.